It’s Saturday

Internet problems. Is it our older equipment? The foggy drizzle that is so thick it always seems to screw up the WiFi signal? Our server? Our provider? Who the hell knows? Discussed the possibility of switching providers. My bro told me his friend did that and suffered from no internet access for over a month as the first provider cut him off the moment they received the notice but the new provider dithered around and didn’t hook him up for weeks on end. Neither of us wants to go thru that, and our fear over it happening ‘helped’ us decide to keep sticking it out with our current provider.

Managed to sign onto the theatre website, all set to change the pages and update the blog. But the internet problems drove me insane. My blog post went up with a picture but not the 300 words I’d sweated over for close to an hour. Everything froze up on my computer. In the end, I had to do a restart. Also found 3 new people had signed up for the newsletter; I’d only received notification of one. Two long messages out there, as well. I actually felt guilty for not checking the site over the holidays, which, considering how we’re getting dicked around by a few Dutch companies and their very laid-back approach to work, I find amusing.

Ah. Nothing like the Universe throwing you supporting evidence out of the effing blue. Found a BBC article this morning about British passive-aggressive communication. Guess where most in the theatre people learned English? You got it: they took a year of study in England. I’m dealing with double entendre and no-speak, for sure. That sets my teeth on edge. I end up dissecting everything said and done during every encounter, wondering if I’m missing some hidden message.

Here’s something I’m learning, and I find it worthy to note about Dutch society. The people here have a reputation for bluntness in public. They’ll up front call you out on your behavior, scolding you and taking you to task. However, there is an inverse equation at work. That only holds true when they don’t know you, when it’s simply a group of strangers thrown together in some circumstance. The more the Dutch know you, the less up front and blunt they’ll be. As you gain entrance into their acquaintance and friend circles, they become far less forthright and tend to use allegory and ‘communication pussy-footing’ (as I call it) to get a point across. This is absolutely opposite of my instincts. I tend to be more circumspect with strangers, and I grow more and more frank and blunt with people as I learn to trust them.

*sigh* Great that I figured that out. Now I just have to figure out how to navigate through it.

Went out to eat with my bro. It was a good break for me; as we walked through the mall, just taking it easy, I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I’d left the house. Picked up some San Pelligrino at AH, the only store in the area that carries that brand. Nothing really exciting, other than the fact I got fresh air into my lungs for a few hours.

The weather continues being grey and drizzly. Wind warnings out for today. Lately I’ve had the feeling that the weather is holding its breath while I write. No idea where the end to this story is, so no guess as to how long it may take me. Sorry, Rotterdam. But if you really think about it, we need the rain.

Still having headaches every day. I think it’s eye strain, but I’m not sure. May need to make an appointment with the doc.

…Well. My bro’s at the comic shop. I have a film recorded that I’d like to watch. The house is relatively clean, so I don’t even feel the push to start work.

It’s Saturday, people.


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