Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough

Rehearsal last night. I planned to be home around 10:30, the usual time I make it home after a theatre meeting.

Baby, I was so good I got home at 8:30.

First to note: there was absolute zero flirting or anything that even my paranoid brain could make into something. I am so happy about that. I was me, the director was himself, and we had work to do.

Other: My character analysis was snatched out of my hands and read through. Things got circled, underlined, notes jotted to the side. The director hmph’d and chuckled. Then, ‘Yes, exactly how I saw her. …Do you mind if I keep this?‘ Hopefully he didn’t keep it to show it to other actors while saying ‘Now this is how you write a character analysis!’

I was told the first thing usually done in these rehearsals was an ‘Italian read through’, which (I was told), was going thru the dialogue without acting, just flat voiced and as fast as possible. The director said an ‘Italian read through’ helped him know where and when he wanted pauses. …We skipped that. Straight into a regular read through, then up on our feet for two walk-throughs. A few notes – ‘she should be more hopeful when she says this’…’give that line a little more frustration’. Then ‘that works’ and ‘perfect’.


Forgot how much I like hearing that word when it’s connected to my work.

I was assured my fellow actor (on holiday until July) was more than competent on learning his lines. Obviously, he and the director have worked together before. Good to know. I still want a bit of extra rehearsal when he comes back, to catch the other actor’s timing – and the director agreed with me to the point he made me wonder if he’ll break into his summer holiday to conduct a few rehearsals in August.

Garnished a couple of laughs with my physical portrayal. A few well timed gestures and movements. The director seemed a bit surprised that my acting began before the scene starts. But dahlings, I’m a film star! Worked with KB out of New York, a big fan of Jim Jarmusch. We had no script. Improvisation, all. And you never knew when the camera was directed towards you – so you acted all the time. Got me used to it.

Ah, I feel good. That I did a good job and didn’t blow it good. Even slept better than I have in days.

Language lesson today. Still don’t have the hang of European school years. More breaks during the year, but you go longer over summer. Just can’t wrap my head around the idea of sitting inside learning when outside is so SUMMER.

…Geez, between the acting and the bee-yitch over school, I feel like I’m about 14 years old.

Oh, baby! Don’t stop! Not ’til you get enough… 😉


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