Goodbye, inertia


Can’t tell if my back is better or if I’ve just taken enough codeine pills to mask the pain. Plan to head to the physiotherapist this morning and beg for an emergency visit. Thursday is King’s Day, and the whole country shuts down to party. I’m trying to make sure my body doesn’t go into spasms the very minute everything closes – like it usually does.

The script is done and my request for a read through is out in the cyber waves. Already hearing from people, including the director of the theatre group who wasn’t signed up to come but wants to come (whoa, nelly!).

Better still, I have an entry form for the radio drama competition. Only took four emails. My real email is a dot com, has been a dot come for over 20 years. But no email program accepts dot com messages as genuine. Everything I send out automatically goes into people’s trash bins. I’m forced to use a gmail or yahoo account; one of those super conglomerates that steals every bit of information they can from me to sell it on for another cheap buck. Uncool. But it got the job done. I have a response. I no longer feel like I’m an idiot writing something for a non-existent competition.

Plus, I got the go-ahead on my proposal to write about the Night Witches. !!!

So in 24 short hours, I’ve flipped from feeling absolutely useless to being pretty damned high.

You know, I try to not be such a yo-yo. I try to keep my head on straight and my feet on the ground. But when I go so low so often I always feel I should let myself experience that high for a while. Feel good for a change. Positive. Confident.

Opened my mouth yesterday and said something that’s been kicking around in my brain for a bit now: perhaps NL has a grant program for the arts that my radio script would fall under. Perhaps my brother’s record label could apply for the grant, and put together the drama for a podcast. My bro was very enthusiastic. Could be a real gem of an idea; now I just have to find out if it’s possible.

Found a trial software program for scriptwriting. It’ll work with my older computer platform and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I’ve 30 days to play with it, which should give me enough time to get the radio drama uploaded and see how it looks.

Forward momentum. It’s something I feel my life has lacked. And it’s difficult to get it going. Ya gotta spin your wheels for a while before you get any traction. After all, I am trying to break the first law of motion: a body at rest tends to stay at rest. And I have been at rest for a long, long time.

Goodbye, inertia.


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