Reaching for the Carrot



I, as most people in the EU right now, woke up to a shock. For once in the deadlocked machinations of international politics, something happened. England voted to leave the EU.

The currency tumble and corresponding stock market slide should hold no surprises. If you think this doesn’t affect you, think again. The world’s been on a floating system since the gold standard went the way of the dodo. Very few countries actually hold enough material wealth to back up their inflated economy; the numbers spouted for several decades have been manipulated by this floating system.

This is gonna shake down everywhere.

Not that’s there’s much the common person can do about it. Watch your spending, and save your pennies for future needs. The Trumps of the world no doubt just tripled their ‘money’ this morning; anyone tinkering on the currency exchange was in for big wins or losses and TRUST me – no one who actually has loads of ‘money’ these days can lose.

Problem is, it’s a closed system, restricted to the few. The implied opportunity for each of us to ‘join’ the elite is there, all around us. But it’s an implied opportunity, not a promise and CERTAINLY not a guarantee. I see it as the carrot dangled in front of the donkey’s face: the donkey THINKS he can get the carrot, but in reality there’s no bleeding way that’s going to happen.

The one notable factor of the recent vote is the high voter turnout. I think you’ll be seeing similar high voter turnouts in future, all over. Politics has gone from sound logics to pure emotional arguments. The truth is, discussing possible future financial outcomes for any society – which are all based on THEORY, not fact – is above most people, particularly if they’re not educated on it at a University level. So the common man, the guy or woman who works their ass off for barely above minimum wage at a job they think sucks, who never had the opportunity to swot off to Uni…They just don’t get it, and they vote on emotion.

Emotion. Something I, as a ‘fringe’ personality, have been told all my life to get a grip on, contain, deal with, and basically NOT do all the shit I’m seeing done currently.

How did we get here?

I can point to the dropping of the gold standard, the easing of financial restrictions, the glamorization of white collar crooks, even to individuals who stood at the head of committees and nations and called the final shots in such crucial decisions. But that’s a bit of a blame game. Reminds me of Ireland: for years – decades, in fact – -their top politicians have all been found guilty of corruption. Taking bribes, dodging taxes, raiding funds – every single one of them. Yet they keep getting elected. So doesn’t it come down to the fact that the public is to blame for this?

The most chilling thing I’ve noted over the past thirty years is a shift to national narcissism. This ‘we’re better than everyone else, so we deserve more’ crap. The ‘them or us’ attitude that’s grown not just between nations, but between peoples. The blacks against the whites. The Christians against the Muslims. This idea that we must grab for all we can before the other guy gets it is KILLING humanity.

I see no line in the sand other than those drawn by men when I travel from one country to another. When I fly somewhere, I don’t look down and see each country walled in, easily recognizable by their patriotic differences. I see ONE land, ONE planet.

We’re moving backwards. Back to feudalism – which, by the way, is financially already here. The few own the most. The rest of us must pay, and grovel, as we crawl over the backs of each other to try to reach that damned, impossible to catch carrot because none of us were born in the drivers seat.

Nothing will change for those in the drivers seat. In fact, it’ll probably get better. Turmoil is notorious for bringing huge fortunes for the immoral bastards that choose to do that type of thing. But they will tell us they are victims of circumstance, that it was luck or their brains or business savvy that brought them to such heights. It’s not. Somewhere along the line they decided to use people, to step on people, to cheat people.

And we put them in the spotlight. We encourage this behavior by NOT going after these fuckers like we would if the suspect were you or me or some guy in the street. This two tiered justice system – which isn’t justice at ALL – is ingrained and perpetuated by every single person who’s just let it slide. Goddamn it.

Now things are OUT OF CONTROL. Certain groups are moving in on the tail of this mass hysteria, and pretty soon we’ll all wake up to find ourselves fenced in, watched, and restricted in a manner humanity hasn’t seen for generations.

Today I saw an article on Geert Wilders, who, if you don’t know, is the Netherlands’ answer to Trump. For the first time the media actually seems to be taking him seriously as a future PM. He’s openly right wing. La Pen in France is getting more attention. Right wing parties in Germany and Austria are on the rise.

Humanity has never learned from its history. We have repeated this empire-crash scenario many times over. It usually sees the rise of tinpot kings, who promise much and deliver little. I see nothing that makes me think this will pan out any different.

And I have to ask. How many backs are you willing to step on to reach that carrot?


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