Spleen Vented


There is nary a corner of my head that isn’t screaming some obscenity or another right now. Forefront is a rather long comment I received on FB regarding that horror of a stomach pump I mentioned the other day. Oh, yes. Some minion thought it necessary to get holier than thou on my post. I’m not about to begin a war out there; I’m not that type of person. But here, I can be honest.

I grew up with an obese sibling. I heard all about how horrible it was to call a spade a spade, to actually say to her face that she was fat or overweight, chunky, obese, or anything along those lines. Meanwhile, I watched her stuff her face with full plates at each and every meal, chow down on bags of munchies, eat Magnum ice cream night after night – yet I would be a ‘bad guy’ for even mentioning any of these factors, much less that she NEVER got off her fat ass to exercise unless she was trying to lose weight.

Get a grip, people. Of all the obese persons on this planet, probably only .001% actually have a medical problem that’s causing it. The rest of you DON’T have ‘big bones’. You’re FAT. Deal.

On the other side of insanity, we have these people who are walking skeletons. You. are not. beautiful. Your body is ugly. I don’t want to see it. The human form shouldn’t like you unless it’s been in the ground decomposing for six months. Get some goddamn help because you DO have a real body issue.

Fucking madness.

My body is in no way skinny. Nor is it obese. It falls into the ‘normal’ category, something that’s being lost from humanity.

Ever read 2000 A.D.? I’m thinking of those blobs they put into their future stories…People so fat they run around on electric scooters full time. Yes, it’s happening NOW.

Yet the image we see on the screen – big and small – is of an obviously semi-starving person. Ladies and gentlemen, this may come as a shock to some of you, but you really shouldn’t be able to count each and every rib in your body. They shouldn’t show like that. You’re dangerously underweight.

And along the same line, if you haven’t seen your collar bones since you were a kid you’d better shed some fucking pounds.

Can’t we ditch this diet shit and just try to be healthy? Good old fashioned healthy. The kind of person that can lift, move, and stretch freely and easily enough to be able to complete every day tasks. I realize there are people out there who actually DO have a mobility problem. Someday I may rank among them. But for the REST of you riding around on those fucking mobility scooters and then getting up with ease to open doors or pick things up or whatever, YOU I have a problem with. You get in MY way, beep at ME, when YOU’RE too goddamn lazy to get the fuck UP out of that seat to actually MOVE. Fuuuuck you!

And can someone PLEASE explain to me how so many of these ‘refugees’ I’m hearing about can come up with the tens of thousands of euro it takes to get smuggled across the borders? Now that Calais is getting dismantled, groups of refugees are camping out all along the beaches in France and Belgium, waiting to pay thousands of euro to board a small ship illegally and reach the UK. Which seems odd in and of itself; just yesterday they blocked the Eurotunnel and shouted ‘Fuck the UK’ while trying to get there. But how do these people get this kind of cash? From what I understand, to get in a boat across the Mediterranean cost around €10,000 per person. Then there’s the cost of getting to whatever country they get caught in. The cost of their tents. Their clothes. All the trash they left while walking there.

If I sold everything I have, I couldn’t come up with that much money. And we’re paying for these people? How is this happening? Why aren’t they just getting in the system and getting a place to live? They OBVIOUSLY have enough cash for it. I know it’s not everyone. But why aren’t we stopping the ones that DO fall in this category? Doesn’t seem to be difficult to find them; news crews are talking to them every goddamned day.

And why don’t I hear about the prosecution of the people that DO the smuggling?

Why aren’t the damned football hooligans ALL getting jail sentences? There’s enough footage of every one on line to use facial recognition and nab every single one of those assholes. And can we speak the truth for once: England carries a LOT of responsibility for the riots getting out of hand. Just because everyone wants to pussy-foot around the Brexit and not cause an upset right now is NO reason not to go after the mother fuckers responsible for all the damage. Like France needed any of THIS shit right now.

I see it’s business as usual in the states: profits above people. Fucking pussies in that ass-wipe fascist government! Yeah, real representative of the people. Great fucking democracy you got going (not).

And yes, I’m gonna say it: sad to see that The Trump still lives. All these people getting murdered every damned day but you can’t kill him. Well, they say the devil IS notoriously difficult to kill.

*sigh* There. Spleen vented.


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