5 a.m. It’s been a while. Guess I needed to get up and see how early the sun was rising. It still ain’t up.

Currently a licensed song by Smashmouth is running thru my head. Oh, how I hate that song. How over licensed it’s become. How everywhere. It’s screams overproduction, as so much “music” does these days…And I’m using the full quotation marks today, because what passes for music isn’t what I call music. Music involves playing an instrument. It involves singing. There’s very few people who seem to actually do that anymore. These days if you can’t shake your ass in front of the camera you can’t make it. Makes me afraid for humanity.

No, I wasn’t joking there. I’m actually afraid for what’s left of humanity. I don’t think it’s going well. I don’t think the planet is gonna support the human race for many more generations. I don’t think the US is gonna stop Donald Trump.

I think the world is going to hell.

Yes, The Trump monster bothers me. He should bother every single living human. He’s a rip off artist and a narcissist. Probably an abuser of women; he abuses them verbally and gets cheered on so I don’t see why he should stop there. And yes, I’m fully aware if he actually gets into office he’s gonna try to pass several laws banning anyone from ever making fun of him or his spray on tan again. That’s why ya gotta say it now. Not that any of you ninnies are listening.

Americans are all insane. It’s inbred.

In future, when generations look back – if any generation is alive TO look back – they’ll say this was it. This was the point where humanity sealed its fate. This is where the anti-christ took office. This is where the end began.

I’m glad I’m out of that country, but I’m not stupid enough to think I’m safe. Nope. When The Donald takes office no one will be safe. Even those dreamers thinking of going to Mars won’t be safe. Thanks, America. You’re a real bunch of psychos. I understand you’re angry. You’ve every right to be angry. But REALLY? That condescending, bigoted, sexist, arrogant, ignorant, loudmouthed, backstabbing, lying, cheating, fraudulent daughter fucker is gonna take office? The man who ran four companies into bankruptcy? The man who can only make money by buying things up and then ripping them apart to sell to the highest bidder? Who exactly do you think is gonna end up owning your country? ‘Cause it AIN’T gonna be you. Trump will make money. The top 1% will make money. The rest of you…well, he’s already called you what you are. Dogs. Slaves. The backs he steps upon to get to his throne. Well done for handing the world to the devil incarnate.

You stupid mother fuckers. You think it’s a joke, right? Half of you think it’s all one big ha-ha and that’s why you’re sitting on your asses doing nothing. It’s no joke. And if you don’t vote AGAINST the anti-christ, you stand with him. You opened the door and let him in. Burn in hell, all of you.

What am I saying? You already are.

…With the looming election of The Trump, I find my future plans have changed. I’m no longer willing to just jump off a building or in front of a train if the time ever comes that I must leave this country. I’ll leave. I’ll be shipped back to hell. And then…then I will have only one course of action. Only one cause to see through. And it ain’t. gonna. be. nice.

I’m so fucking DOWN this morning. No goddamn reason for any of this, other than current news and bad dreams – the elixir of all nightmares. To think I TRIED to get back to sleep!


Summer is here. Not officially; that still happens for me on Summer Solstice. But the world outside my window doesn’t know that. Dandelions and daisies are pushing up through the grass. The sun has taken on that sting it gets these days. I remember a time when the sun didn’t sting your skin the way it does now. Tell me again how the ozone holes are repairing themselves. What a load. Already I’m avoiding hot times – 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. By mid-June that’ll extend to 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Go on and go out in it if you want. See you in the cancer ward in ten years.

Shit. I wanted to turn my attitude around and I just got caught in a cul-de-sac of shit.

…A fresh cup of coffee (caramel, natch) and a fresh J (bubble gum & blueberry – fruity). There’s not too much I can tell myself, other than the most important thing: appreciate what I’ve got right now. Savor that coffee. Enjoy my J.

Sometimes I wonder if that’s not everyone’s problem. Don’t know when we lost the capacity to plan for the future, but it seems we surely have…If we ever had it to begin with. Seems like no one cares about tomorrow. It’s all live for the right now. I’m all for the now, but ANYTHING can be overdone. We’ve got to strike a better balance.

And can I say one more random thing that has squat to do with anything else I’ve written? Let’s stop shaming women when they come forward as sexual assault victims. It’s not the clothes women wear or the make-up or the hairstyles that are causing this problem. It’s the men. Seems they just can’t keep it in their pants. Just can’t control themselves. There’s a guy on trial in the EU who’s claiming he committed rape because he had ‘a sexual emergency’. I think that says it all. Why are we creating pills for them to keep their dicks hard when THIS is what they do with it? Shouldn’t we be feeding every man saltpeter? Keep their dicks limp on a day to day basis? All I’ve heard from men is how uncomfortable their dicks are, how embarrassed they get when they get an erection in public. Well. Let’s solve both problems at once. Pump ’em full of saltpeter. They can apply for a doctor’s permission to go OFF the stuff if the day ever comes when their partners want to have children.

Yes, that’s harsh. So is rape. So is The Donald. Whatever my personal growth is or isn’t, don’t expect me to go all gooey in the face of harsh reality. Feed me extreme and I’ll answer extreme.


3 thoughts on “Extreme

  1. Great, now I get Allstar by Smashmouth in head for the rest of the day, poor Smashmouth, they didn’t realise you can’t make it big off covers of popular songs when you sound like a humming drone that only knows how to sing one note.
    As for Trump, I hope the government works the same way over here and he’s just a figurehead, our country went spaz nuts when Abbott got in, he was pretty similar except less money and more stupid, he claimed he was going shirtfront Vladimir Putin at the G20… Lol lol lol shirt fronting means a tackle in our football league so yeah, he made a pretty big joke of our country in front our all the world leaders. I worry about whoever is running America though because we are allies and if America decides to fuck with people they usually like to use our soldiers as well.
    As for the hole in the ozone, blame the cows, it’s all the methane gas. If you harvested the farts of every cow on the planet right now it could create a bomb powerful enough to wipe out half our country (or just all of New Zealand). We need to stop eating beef, seriously or else they won’t stop breeding cows, cows are the worst thing for the environment.
    Can’t just blame the cows though, our whole planet functions on power, electricity and most of all sources of power. It’s our fault for buying a big fuck you 4wd, or forgetting to turn lights off, or wasting water or not recycling.
    As a collective species, we don’t really have anyone else to blame except for each other, every person leaves a carbon footprint, just existing takes its toll on the planet. That’s why when I die I want to be cremated and have a tree grown in me so I can give back the nutrients I stole from the earth just by me living comfortably everyday.
    I believe there needs to be more education for boys to do with treatment of women, it should just be something we try and train out of boys from a young age. Plus the anti rape device mister was telling me about that the women are allowed to wear in some country, but it’s a device that sits inside you so when a guy tries to penetrate you his penis gets stuck in these ripping metal teeth so as he goes soft it rips him up further, and if he tries to escape his penis gets ripped off, it can only be taken off through surgery, so all the proof of rape if you literally have to surgically remove the guy from a woman. Why can’t we have those? Should be just something every girl/women should wear on a constant.

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    1. ROFL! Okay. I guess one long comment deserves another. lol.

      Sorry about the Smashmouth; no one should have that song in their head. 😉

      You’re dead right about cows. I stopped eating beef 20 years ago partly because of it.

      As for The Trump Monster, I think the fact that I call him The Trump Monster tells all. Is it wrong to pray for someone to die horribly?

      And what a solution for the rape problem! LOVE it. Did you see the horror film Teeth? Watched it and laughed and laughed the whole thing through. I’m sure that’s not the way it was meant, but as a woman it was one of the funniest horror films I’ve ever seen, and that includes Peter Jackson’s early film ‘Braindead’ which is a real hoot.

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