Fun Centraal

My feet, Grouchy and Sleepy

48 glorious hours to recoup before I head back up to the city that will dazzle and destroy you – Amsterdam. I think it’s gonna take that long for my feet to stop aching. Between now and then, the only walking I want to do is to and from my bed, the telly, and the toilet. If we run out of food I’m flipping getting delivery.

what we saw

Yesterday was King’s Day. The color was orange and the word was fun. I didn’t feel strong enough to venture further than the neighborhood shindigs last year, so everything was as surprising to me as to my friends. The Netherlands is setting a record for the coldest King’s Day ever this year: snow in the northern areas, with cold rain and frequent hail by us. Did not stop the yahoos from going out in T-shirts only; I saw them. Mad people. Mad, young people with strong immune systems. I envy them and their casual approach to their health. The entire country (except those areas shut down by bad weather) was open air parties and one huge market. King’s Day is the one day where anyone can sell anything on the street with no permit. About 20% of the population clears out their homes of last year’s stuff, lays a blanket down in a public square, and does sort of a rummage sale thing. Plenty of regular stall sellers, too, but the thing that stretches the market from here to Groningen is joe public. Roads downtown are cut off to auto traffic. Nieuwe Binnenweg (a major crossroads downtown) was a sea of people on the sidewalks and people spilling into the streets – mostly in orange. If you had the strength and fortitude, you could have stocked your house from the ground up with everything: household goods, clothes for every size, knick knacks, cook wear, plumbing, electronics, plants and flowers. Frankly there were only two things I didn’t see for sale; people and hard drugs, and I’m sure SOMEWHERE that was going on, too (tho not condoned by anyone).

what I want to see

And then there were the parties…I felt too old and weary to attend any of the thumping music venues. Doesn’t mean my smile didn’t widen and my step lighten when I walked past and heard great sound systems pumping out killer techno and trance. Well, they say three’s the charm. Next year will be my third King’s Day, so I look forward to feeling better and doing more.

Today there are two things on the chop block: smoke and play. I’m serious. My brother monitors my fun levels – as well as his own – and he’s declared that if he sees me doing anything other than playing games, smoking, or enjoying a film with my feet up, he’s gonna roll me a big fatty and sit down and make me smoke it in front of him until I calm down. Yesterday morning as I put shoes on my aching feet, I would never imagine that stopping, sitting, and taking a break would be so difficult. It is. I’ve been on a fast paced, active three day schedule and just STOPPING is hard. I’m exhausted but antsy. Keep feeling like I SHOULD be up doing something right now. I may fall back on that lone Ativan tablet I keep chipping away at. Take a bit to ensure I’ll relax. I still have tomorrow to run little errands (like getting my blood work done). Today I do nothing.

Yeah, I’ve wound up into a bit of mania or hypomania. Whichever. Just a bit too fast paced. Part of me wants to keep going with it. Of course! I’m walking all day long and barely eating anything. I KNOW I’m losing weight, pushing my muscles beyond what they normally do. If the pool was open, I’d be in it. Swimming HARD. Good thing for me it’s closed. I’m amazed I (knock wood) haven’t fallen ill since I’ve been walking around cold and damp for three days. Maybe once my friends are on their flights home I’ll collapse into a tired, fevered ball. Whatever is keeping me on my feet and keeping all illnesses away, it’s very welcome right now.

TrefPunt; the coolest coffeeshop in Rotterdam

If I manage to change out of my pj’s – and there’s no guarantee that I’ll even TRY to change out of them – I’ll be donning my new T-shirt. My favorite coffeeshop, TrefPunt, had a King’s Day special: for 35 euro you got a 5 gram bag of unmarked weed and an orange TrefPunt T-shirt. The grass is not the highest quality, of course, but I’m surprised to find the T-shirt IS. It’s a warm, thick cotton blend with the TrefPunt logo, which is uber cool. Of course, wearing the TrefPunt T-shirt is akin to wearing a shirt with I AM A STONER written across your chest. But I AM a stoner so I wear it with pride and give anyone who even THINKS of looking at me askance one of my wide, all-knowing grins. It’s not a shirt I’d wear to language class or when I have a doctor’s appointment. Any other time, though, it’s fair game.

I think a new game for my computer is called for. Something I can zone into for several hours today. Fun! I’m a kid in a candy store when it comes to buying games for my computer. I got into gaming late in life; I think I bought my first computer game when I was 40. Gaming is now the primary function of my computer. I always feel I could go to the library to write on my blog or answer e-mail, but it’s only on MY computer that I’ve got games I love to play . I don’t need to move one inch. I’m already where I want to be: Fun Centraal.


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