Hell Yeah!


Wow. What a day I had yesterday!

It began in the rain, with half hearted promises that yes, I would get outside the house on that very afternoon. My brother, on one of his many runs thru the city, happened across a shop that had pre-cut fully finished shelving boards on sale. The plan was to go, look, and buy a few for my room. I didn’t relish the idea of going out in the rain, but realized a good sale wasn’t going to last long in this town. Buy it or lose it.

By the time the metro delivered us near the shop, the rain stopped. The air had that just washed smell in it. Want to look around a bit? Yes, I found I did. We went to the Markthall, a relatively new building (it was finished a few months after we settled here). It’s shaped like a big horseshoe:


And yes, it’s actually that cool. The ground floor is one huge permanent market, with food stalls and restaurants galore. Going in that building is akin to saying bye bye to any diet you thought you were on! The scents of food and spices and good things to eat were EVERYWHERE, and within 15 seconds my mouth was watering over half a dozen amazing looking dishes on display. Lunch was a no brainer by that time (if any of you come to visit, I’ll take you there and see how long YOU can resist eating something!). And my walk up and down the aisles told me exactly where I wanted lunch – the Greek place. They had a monster gyro on display that I just couldn’t pass by. In we went. Then it happened.

I opened my mouth to give my order to the waitress and Dutch poured out. No English. Only Dutch. And I understood what she said to me. From there on out, it was a Dutch day. Even my brother joined in. I spoke English only to my brother, and only when my ideas got too big for my grasp on the language. As soon as I could, though, it was back to Dutch. And it lasted all. day. Right up to bedtime.

To be able to communicate!!! Oh, goddess! What a feeling! Okay; I know I still get some things wrong. Mix up word placement. Struggle with meanings. But to know I can now open my mouth and SPEAK -! I can ask for help, I can reply to simple things, I can get thru a basic conversation without reverting to English.

I feel free.

We got the shelves and continued on our merry way back home.

My feet felt GREAT. My brother had to ask me twice to slow down because I can now walk faster than he can.

The night was topped off by watching Maze Runner on DVD. Great film!

Yeah, I’m using a lot of exclamation points. That’s how jazzed I feel this morning. 😀

Today the sky is rosy and the weather forecast is for a balmy 16 degrees. Big plans to go to Kralingse Bos, a huge park I haven’t seen yet because my feet haven’t been up to it.


I’ll be taking my camera.

Man, I just said I wanted to have fun this summer! No sooner do those words cross my consciousness than fun presents itself. In oodles. Not sure why but thank you, thank you, and thank you again.

And I did that internet search for theatre groups in my area. Found one. It’s close by Kralingse Bos, as a matter of fact. According to their website, they’re in rehearsals right now. I want to check out their performance and see what they’re all about. The only thing is, everything they do is in Dutch. There are some English speaking theatre groups, but all are quite a trek to get to. Besides, now that the language is unlocking for me I WANT to use more Dutch. That means I’ll be on the side line for longer than I may want to be. BUT ..that will allow me time to get to know the troupe, how they operate, etc. I can help with background work and still have fun. And all the time I’ll listen, and repeat, and learn.

I want to find a way to do this. Really do this. Make the time commitment and stick to it. That means my body has to cooperate (you listening, body?) and my mind needs to ease off (don’t worry; I’ll still give you time). I can’t have stragglers in my head, the nay sayers who nag at me and wear me down. If we do this, we ALL commit to it. Can I get a hell yeah?


Can we make a few conditions?

Um, sure. What are they?

We’re worried about our health. We can’t run ourself down while we do this. The time commitment needs to be flexible.

I understand your concerns. You do know, though, that they’ll have to have some sort of schedule to stick to.

Yeah. Can we find out about that before making this commitment? If it’s every night…You know how tired you are in the evenings. You know how easy we fall ill. And you know that the more excited you get, the easier it is to fall ill. Can we do this slow? Please?

Okay. I haven’t even emailed them yet. Is it okay to do that?

Can we mark the calendar and go see their performance first?

You sure you’re willing to commit to going to that performance? You won’t back out on me, will you? Come up with some excuse last minute?

I’ll try not to. Can you promise to remain calm all the way up to that performance date?


Then you see how difficult it is for us to promise to go on the night, yes?

Yeah. I get it.

Okay. I’ll check that performance date. I think it’s in June, if memory serves. I’ll mark it down on my calendar. I’ll even set an alarm for earlier in the week to remind me it’s coming up.

No pressure. We only do this if it’s fun. Okay?



3 thoughts on “Hell Yeah!

  1. If you do backstage stuff it’s just as rewarding. I’ve done 10 years worth of musical theatre, 7 years singing training and even when I didn’t make it through the Audition I always took on a backstage role. You get to plan lighting, sound, props then you’re officially in every dress rehearsal that happens before the shows. The adrenaline is real for theatre even backstage you need to be concentrating. Fucking go for it, forget your body for a bit and soak up the therapeutic joy that is theatre, I swear the health benefits are there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like backstage work, tho to be honest I spent far more time ON stage than off. The language thing will slow me down a bit, but I know enough to get out of people’s way now so I think I’ll be okay. lol! And it will be fun to just make a few connections here with people who aren’t my doctors!

      Liked by 1 person

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