Down for the count


Time for a little healing, indeed! I’m falling ill. Nagging, tickling cough started sometime yesterday and has just progressed. My throat is raw and scratchy, and I’m trying to not cough because when I do all I get is one big convulsion of my throat that hurts like a mofo. I’m determined to sit in my chair, drink juice, and watch tv all day. Rest.

Once again, my attempts at quitting smoking are given a boost: get me ill and smoking goes down to nothing, or next to nothing. Mmmm. Maybe I should pay attention to this!

My attempts to help myself through a little piano playing yesterday didn’t go so well. I laid my hands on the keyboard and found…

And once you’ve found that, it’s hard to let go of it. So I amused myself for 10 minutes by playing it out by ear. Got much further than I thought I ever could. Who knows? Maybe I’ll do a techno version someday.

Surrendered to dirt yesterday. I not only cleaned up around the house, I cleaned the dust-sucker (in Dutch, a vacuum or hoover is literally translated as dust-sucker. So much more appropriate). You’re gonna get dirty when you clean your cleaning tools. But I emptied everything out, wiped out all the grit and grime, and rinsed the filters. Good to go for awhile again.

Why the fuck am I writing about the goddamn dust sucker?

Fuck if I know.

Okay, I surrender. I’m a pussy when I get ill. My head goes all fuzzy and I just don’t make any sense. I slept eight hours, been up for two, and feel like I’m ready for breakfast and a nap. So I’ll go make my oatmeal, read a few more posts (keep falling behind on reading everyone’s words!), and then it’s chair time with my eyes closed.

I’m down for the count.


8 thoughts on “Down for the count

    1. Mashup, or more likely, new interpretation. I don’t sample; I re-create in homage to originals. But yeah, thinking about that moving bass line…Got to find the right arpeggiation for it. 🙂 Thanks! xo You my rock!

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