Here We Go: 50


I found George! Best birthday present I’ve had in years. He must have been off growing his eiderdown feathers; he looks two to three times his size now. I would not have even known it was him but for his little dance. All the ducks climbed out of the water – we had a little frost so you know it was cold on their feet – and I asked ‘George? Anybody seen George?’. Next thing I knew, here came a mallard front and center with a coot sidekick.

This is a coot

And then – George’s trademark jump up for bread with his wings flapping. The coot did it too; seems to be George’s sidekick. I am happy. πŸ™‚

I also met with two cat friends on my walk around the neighborhood yesterday. One was Coco, that slightly slutty cat who obviously belongs to someone but she’s an attention freak so she’s very social. Coco’s a long-haired cat I know who lives two blocks away. She runs to me when she sees me; I’m always good for a cuddle and a scratch just SO around the ears. The other is a new cat, and I was sorely tempted to scoop this one up and just bring him home. Another smoke haired cat; a few long hairs on top of a thick, shorter haired coat. Looked remarkably like my cat Sable, but with prim little white feet that just made him all the more adorable. He was very skittish, but when he found I was a softie – oh my! I’ve never seen a cat stand up on his hind legs for as long as that one did! Kept standing upright and shoving his little head into my hand – pet me more, please! I turned to goo.

So it’s today.





The house is super stacked. After seeing George and getting some cat love yesterday, I headed off to the bakery for a little something sweet. And, my brother being the thoughtful person that he is, did the same. So now there’s a wide variety of sweets available. I’ve got two pieces of mega chocolate cake, two large roombroodjes (delectable), AND a spekkoek.


And that’s not counting the flaked pastry with custard I et last night. *burp*

My smoke drawer is packed with Bubble Gum – a marijuana variety, not the chewing kind.

Now all I gotta do is find my 3D glasses for the movie this afternoon.

This last dry spell may even be over. I began writing a new song yesterday. No fucking idea what it is or how it’s gonna go, but I hear singing in it and it’s got a great groove. I’m writing in B flat (B flat?!? who writes pop music in B flat?) and began on the 2nd and 4th of the scale…which makes it sound like it shouldn’t be in that key, because I’m emphasizing the 2nd. Another modal song, obviously. My music theory only takes me so far in song writing; there always comes a time I have to let it go and let my hands find the melody. I got there quick with this one! What I need is a break beat; a 4 measure mix up of sound to break the drone on the 2nd of the scale. Won’t get to it today, but it’s great to be writing again and knowing how to proceed.

I am always thinking about book titles. Somehow, I feel life can be summed up in a really good book title. The current one haunting me is: Fifty, Fabulous, and Finally Diagnosed. I want to live that book.

Here we go!




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