The Bananas Aren’t Working

Just in case you were wondering. Fuck.


8 thoughts on “The Bananas Aren’t Working

  1. Have you tried mangos? I dunnoi, but I find mango flavored alcohol more beneficial to bananas…Was that wrong of me to say?
    Meh, if they had Banaritas, I’d be promoting those, too. Alcohol, like pot and other drugs, solves nothing as far as depression/bipolar. BUT when anxiety has your skin crawling off your bones…fruit-a-hol therapy is useful.
    I am a bad bad person. I can live with that.

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    1. 😏 Yeah, you bad. Bad to the bone. As far as I’m concerned, I want to keep this side of nasty withdrawal. 4-5 smokes of mid-grade strength is better than 8 of high grade strength. Been thinking of alcohol lately, too…and food. All my coping mechanisms.

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    1. lol! Snorting it, eating it, or injecting it? ;-D

      *sigh* In all seriousness, I spent about 12 years in deep study on medicinal herbs. Once I landed in the EU, I searched out herbal books that were banned in the US. I read, studied, and experimented. Many herbs have beneficial effects on moods, or are purported to. However, herbal supplements are terribly difficult to monitor. The best – the BEST way for herbals is to get them as fresh as possible. The herbal teas I made in Ireland consisted almost solely of herbs I’d go out and pick in the fields – fresh as fresh can be. There are some herbs that need to be used in dried form, certainly. The problem comes in when you don’t know how OLD the dried herb is. You may be using something that’s been sitting in a warehouse for 5 years; you really don’t know. My point is, dosage is very difficult to maintain. I’ve made a point of simply including most of the beneficial herbs regularly in my diet: turmeric is added in rice and soups, cumin, nutmeg, and cinnamon are all used…I’d say anything that could be called a culinary herb that also has medicinal properties is well represented in my regular diet. I also make use of non-culinary herbs, like valerian and chamomile.

      I’ll skip the banana daiquiri – too sweet for my tastes. Does Absolut make a banana vodka? I’d drink that!


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