Sickness is Illin’


It’s a virus. A virus, and nothing can be done. Ride it out. Drink a lot of juice, get your rest. Yes, we know your head is so stuffed up you can’t breathe. Here, try this ineffectual nasal spray.

Fucking hell.

I complain a LOT when I’m ill. I’d rather have an RA flare up than a stuffed up nose. The only thing I’m anywhere near happy about is how fast this came on. Chances are it will clear up almost as fast. Until then, it’s bitch, bitch, bitch. Got those cold sweats going (no fever; I checked) so I feel continually moist. Yuck. Can’t hear well ’cause my sinuses are so bad they’ve affected my ears. Sore throat from all the coughing and post nasal drip. To make matters even worse, last night I pushed a lot of food to make sure my body had everything it needed to fight this thing. I ate TOO much, and felt sick. Even tried to stick my fingers down my throat because I was that uncomfortably sick and I felt no matter how much I hated vomiting, it wouldn’t be as bad as how bloated and full I felt. Nothing came out; tried it too late. But it says something about how bad I felt. Never did the fingers down the throat thing before.

So it’s another lovely autumn day out there. I’ll do my best to ignore it since I can’t really get out in it. Well, I’ll take a little walk around the block later to get out and get some fresh air. But mostly I’ll be in my chair, half sleeping, with a glass of juice and a box of tissues nearby. My bro stocked up on vitamin packed juices and soups (he knows I’m a baby with colds) so I’m set for liquids. I’ve even got a couple of recorded films on my digital tv unit to watch, and there’s always MyPrime.

Didn’t even care that I wasn’t smoking yesterday. That half joint is still sitting in my ashtray, unsmoked. And it will continue to sit there for a few more days. By the time I get back to it I’ll be so HIGH just taking a few puffs. That’s one plus to remind myself of. Not worth the trade off of stuffed up nose, coughing, and general malaise, but it’s something.

I find it ironic to be ill right now. Flu vaccinations are coming out on Monday and I’m scheduled to get one. Just in time, eh?

The irony of being ill on yet another weekend doesn’t escape me, either. I think if I counted up all my illnesses, I’d find the majority fell on weekends, birthdays, and holidays. Seems that way. Go all week and then bam! Friday comes around and it’s obvious I’m sick, obvious it will be yet another weekend when I won’t see anyone or go out at all. Whine, whine. Have I got that tiny violin out playing for me yet?

Well, I’ve sweated up the clothes I’m in so I gotta go and change. Again. Then I’m scheduled for my mid-morning nap, which will take me to lunch (maybe soup?). After that, it’s tv with mid-afternoon and late-afternoon naps. A little evening entertainment after dinner (soup?) and then I’ll try lying down in my bed again. Ye gods.

Did I mention how much I hate being ill?


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