*cough, cough*


Well, now I know why I’ve been off color and not feeling like my usual self. I’ve been ill, complete with a fever, sore throat, and head cold. Today’s the first day I felt up to posting, and that’s only because I slept 18 hours yesterday. Hindsight being what it is, I can now tell my sweating and subsequent freeze ups were fever related. Since taking regular paracetamol my body temp feels far more regular. That’s great, ’cause it’s hit 30+ outside and I don’t need to have weird body temperature variations (for a while, despite the heat I froze and wore extra clothes and then when it was cool I couldn’t strip down far enough because I was friggin hot).

Oh, summer illnesses. Almost pleased yesterday, being so dead tired. I didn’t care that festivals were happening. I didn’t care that all the neighbors fired up their grills. I didn’t care about the music in the streets. I didn’t care about anything, other than sleeping. So. exhausted. The kind of exhausted that it almost feels like your body is getting tickled as it falls asleep, ’cause you want to sleep SO much and you’re finally just allowing yourself to drift off….

Must be careful right now. Feel good enough to blog, maybe even take a shower and get dressed. I’m not 100% yet, tho. I’d like to get out for maybe 2 hours, see a little bit of life, and then come back to rest. Hope to.


2 thoughts on “*cough, cough*

  1. I must’ve been having sympathy exhaustion for you – I had myself a little afternoon nap yesterday… It was AWESOME… I think after being assaulted by Ms Challenging on Thursday, I was completely knackered!

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